MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s): Salvador Dali
Fictional example(s): Juno (Juno), Amelie (Amelie), Claire Danes (My So Called Life), Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffanys), Faye Dunnayway (Bonnie and Clyde), Jack Nicholson (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), John Belushi (The Blues Brothers), Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights), Michael Guerin (Roswell), Maria Deluca (Roswell), John Cuzack (Better off Dead), Jared Leto (My So Called Life), Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon), Ratso (Midnight Cowboy), Thora Birch (Ghost World), Winona Ryder (Heathers)
Personality type correlations(s):
MOEXV (healthy): thinks a lot of people want to have sex with them; likes to flirt; likes to make themself the center of attention; danger seeking; content; positive; demands attention; less worrying than average; more fearless than average; feels that life has meaning; thinks things work out for the best; faces danger confidently; boastful; has a good imagination; likes happy people; not picky about food; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; confident; believes they are better than others; not prone to paranoia; likes concerts; prone to get others to do their duties; likes the unknown; prefers luxury living; is open about themself to others; warms up quickly to others; up for anything; will do dangerous things; likes to attend ceremonies; wasteful with money; not afraid to draw attention to self; thinks a lot about sex; feels comfortable around people; starts conversations; can take advantage of others; seductive; interested in others; prefers going to movies to watching videos at home; would enjoy being a famous celebrity; loves life; thinks that all will be well; more likely to be in good physical shape; makes friends easily; considers themself good looking; acts comfortably with others; not easily intimidated; believes that they are important; has good luck; more likely to exercise every day; does most of the talking; cares about the feelings of others; thinks they are special; can use others for their own ends; not sick often; not easily discouraged; not afraid to give a speech in public; challenges things; rarely down in the dumps; likes being complimented; never gives up hope; not easily hurt; doesn't stick to the rules; enjoys being part of a group

MOEXX (average health): more spontaneous than planned out; thinks fun is more important than rationality; impulsive; believes you can never be too happy; likes to start new fads and fashions; likes to pursue new, intense experiences in the hopes of finding that next rush; when they want attention from someone they find a way to get it; more likely to plunge right into a big project than to take time to list the separate things to be done and order of things to do them in; often late to work; danger seeking; more guided by superstitions than average; likes to be the center of attention; more likely to smoke cigarettes; risk taking; rebels against authority; seductive; not quiet around strangers; does dangerous things; prone to scheming against others; demands attention; breaks rules; more likely to tell tall stories about themself; disregards rules; more likely to favor open romantic relationships; likes to joke around; more likely to have been in a physical fight; more likely than average to cheat to get ahead; can put others under pressure; can use others for their own ends; does things out of revenge; jumps into things; is easily talked into doing silly things; can misuse power; does not stick to the rules; does crazy things; challenges things; not good at returning things on time; likes luxury; likes to play tricks on others; thinks a lot about sex; sometimes tries to elicit sympathy by being tragic or morose; attentive to their appearance; not easy to fool; not picky about food; status seeking; likes concerts; thinks they are a special person

MOEXD (unhealthy): tends to have shifting goals, values, and vocational aspirations; does not have good boundaries; can behave very immaturely; tends not to think before they act; jumps into things without thinking; enjoys being reckless; has a short fuse; often doesn't see the longer term consequences of some of their behavior; has trouble weighing consequences; has a bad temper; impulsive in their actions; impatient; sometimes jumps too quickly into an activity and doesn't allow enough time to think it over; sometimes they think so much about new possibilities that they never look at how to make them a reality; intense; more likely to think they are better at doing illegal things than legal things; less likely to be trusted by their family; danger seeking; lets others do the work; prone to having murderous ideas; prone to demanding to be the center of attention; more likely to use lots of medications; does dangerous things; prone to jealousy; dreams about a rescuer; experiences a lot of physical pain; easily frightened; prone to misuse power; neglects their duties; makes enemies; would enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; more likely than average to cheat; unmotivated; easy to fool; likes to make themself the center of attention; thinks they are less capable of than most people; hard to satisfy; thinks they have a talent for influencing people; acts as if they are somebody else and completely identifies with the part; rebels against authority; disregards rules; demands attention; does not accomplish their work on time; not good at sports; wasteful with money; hurts people; rarely notices their emotional reactions; deceives people; attentive to their appearance; does not let themself be influenced by others; dislikes work; has been in physical fights; don't see things through; more likely to be guided by superstitions; not really interested in others; will not take orders from anybody; does not stick to the rules; does not make and/or stick to their plans; status seeking; does things out of revenge; gets out of control; can cheat to get ahead; is out for their own personal gain; resists society's rules; does crazy things; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; avoids responsibilities; thinks a lot about sex; is not easily influenced; undertakes few things on their own; makes a mess of things; prone to telling tall stores about themself; keeps people waiting; can be hateful towards others; does not maintain their spaces in an orderly way; feels that other people are out to get them; continually losing things; breaks rules; feels that friendly people are actually trying to manipulate them; makes difficulties out of nothing; has a low opinions of themself; goes through money quickly


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