MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
SXTXV (healthy): content with their life, positive; has good manners; not driven by money/greed; doesn't avoid responsibilities; drama free; does not do things out of revenge; gets sick less often than average; unlikely to cheat on people; doesn't let others discourage them; not deceptive; unlikely to abuse people's confidences; thinks things work out for the best; always knows why they do things; grounded in reality; does not do things in a half-way manner; not easily offended; not filled with doubt; sees thing through; looks at things from more than one angle; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; thinks existence is meaningful; when they are angry they know why; does not believe they are better than others; humble/modest; does not neglect their duties; does not believe people are evil; has their own opinions; follows through on their plans; does not expect things to fail; does not hang around doing nothing; not easily deterred; does not find it difficult to stay on one course; does not put people under pressure; feels that work is an important part of life; like work; motivated; usually knows what's going on inside them; self controlled; rarely loses things; not prone to scheming against others; knows what they want; has good luck; does not use others for their own ends; makes an effort; good with money; does not keep people waiting; usually happy; doesn't waste their time; able to deal with things; does not hide their real intentions; relaxed most of the time; not picky about food; does not disregard rules; does not like to gossip; not easily distracted, able to maintain focus/attention; not prone to playing tricks on others; does not hold a grudge; usually busy; likes routine; not easily stirred; would regret their behavior if they were to take advantage of someone impulsively; not hard to reason with; not guided by superstitions; likes looking at themself in the mirror; attentive; not a bad loser; not bothered by difficult social situations; rarely late to things/work; not easily angered; not prone to having nightmares; reliable; maintains their spaces in an orderly way; knows where their life is going; does a lot in their spare time; does not wait for others to lead the way; aware of their emotional reactions; has a good imagination; can make themself work on a difficult task even when they don't feel like trying; accomplishes their work on time; does not tire out quickly; good at taking advice; able to concentrate; acts comfortably with others; not easily intimidated; interested in science; never gives up hope; rarely shows their anger; handles tasks smoothly; able to do things properly; not easily talked into doing silly tings; relates to other human beings; more likely to be mistake for being younger than their age; gets started quickly when they have a job to do

SXTXX (average health): thinks functionality is more important than attractiveness; only competes with themself; not prone to playing tricks on others; less likely than average to smoke cigarettes; rarely gets caught up in the excitement; not wasteful with money; does not care about being the center of interest; likes concerts less than most people; not status seeking; not into wearing fashionable clothing; tends to speak only when spoken to; rarely late for things/work; less likely to be on medications; puts work above pleasure; worries less than most; less likely to notice their emotional reactions; undertake few things on their own; less likely to abuse people's confidences; unlikely to tell tall stories about themself; rarely loses things; tends not to care what others think; not deceptive towards others; not attentive of their appearance; usually knows what they are doing; likes to be away from civilization; does not like to test people's loyalty; enjoys intellectual games; not prone to copying others; does not try to impress others; has good manners; rarely loses their composure; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; often stops to analyze how they are feeling; does not care what others think of them; rarely scared by loud noises; unlikely to talk during movies; only hooks up with people they are interested in a long term relationship with; does not try to be with someone else when they are feeling badly; is not easily stirred; often busy; does not avoid responsibilities; does not keep people waiting; tends not to relate to other human beings; likes order; not indifferent to the feelings of others; rarely shows their anger; more likely than average to do anything for others; sees that rules are observed; sees through problems

SXTXD (unhealthy): more private than outgoing; more reserved than social; likes to celebrate birthdays on a small scale with only one or two close friends or family members; if they had to choose, they would prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled; lies to avoid attention; very private; likes to stay under the radar; much more likely to enjoy spending time by themself than with others; motivated by the desire to avoid attention; has a low sex drive; more likely to believe that once race of people is better than others; poor sense of humor; often puzzled by sensations in their body; not really interested in others; worrier; does not like to bothered with other people's needs; does not care about being the center of interest; not open about themself to others; likes being away from civilization; thinks they are not a special person; doesn't understand things; believes they are unable to do things properly; more likely to have had the feeling that other people have injected thoughts in their mind; more likely to dislike new foods; seldom bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers; dislikes being complimented; not skilled in handling social situations; often feels blue; worries about things that have already happened; more likely than average to have murderous ideas; not in the mood for anything, unmotivated; disturbed by events; more likely to have been in physical fights; avoids contacts with others; plain in their appearance; picky about food; would describe their experiences as somewhat dull; does not consider themself attractive; cares less than most about dressing nicely; tends to believe people are good or bad (black and white thinking); discloses their intimate thoughts; prone to feeling that friendly people are actually trying to manipulate them; rarely late to things/work; has trouble changing their behavior to suit the situation; more likely to be mistaken for being younger than their age; does not warm up quickly to others; tends to avoid eye contact; tends not to be good at sports; prone to hating people; does things for no apparent reason; more likely to do things out of revenge; tends not to relate to other human beings; prone to feeling that life has no meaning; hard to persuade; less likely than average to remember their dreams; believes that laws should be strictly enforced; has bad luck; unlikely to cheat to get ahead; makes lists of things to do; daydreams about people to maintain a sense of closeness; has a low opinion of themself; more tolerant than average of doing mindless work; can let themself be pushed around; expects things to fail; feels they are unable to deal with things; tends to put work above pleasure; tends to find fault with everything; embarrassed by praise; not wasteful with money; likes routine


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