MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Christopher Reeve (Superman)
Personality type correlations(s): R-Drive Othercentricism, Big 5 Accommodation, Enneagram Type 2
XXXIV (healthy): sees themself as sympathetic, warm; optimistic; likes to cooperate with others; can have a good time anywhere; believes life is significant, meaningful; warm describes them better than objective; personal, compassionate, accommodating, tolerant, gentle; finds being who they are rewarding; is told how cheerful they are often; finds being optimistic rewarding; has a forgiving nature; generally trusting; always treats others as they would like to be treated; acts towards others as they wish others would act towards them; believes happiness is truth; looks up to certain people; love is their supreme virtue; more likely to have parents that loved/love them a lot; more likely to think their parents are wonderful; more likely to have parents that are extremely important to them; believes that we are eternal; ethical; believes anyone can become great; thinks having a child is the most important thing you can do in life; loyal to their parents; sincere; thinks that it doesn't make sense to lie; more likely to believe in the power of prayer; believes goodness pervades reality; believes the external is important but the internal is more important; still believes, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart; finds appreciating others rewarding; thinks nothing is more important than kindness; readily forgives and forgets; readily admits when they are wrong

XXXIX (average health): looks for what is important to others and expresses concern for others; tends to want to help people even when it's not good for them; feel a responsibility to care for the weak; makes decisions with their heart and want to be compassionate; feels other people's happiness and sadness more than my own; helpful and unselfish with others; considerate and kind to almost everyone; making other people sad genuinely makes them sad; feels bad if they inconvenience someone; will still help someone in trouble that they don't like, if they think it will actually help them; thinks they would be happy if they were more helpful to others; the happiness of their children is/will be more important (more of a priority) than their own happiness; would sacrifice their life for a loved one; gives more than they take; thinks it's important to not be a jerk/inconsiderate; selfless; finds being selfless rewarding; always give people another chance; if what it took for them to achieve their dreams did not have a similarly positive effect on the world, they would amend their dreams accordingly; very forgiving; more gentle than firm; more pleasing than tough; loss of a good friend would be devastating to them; believes the successes of their loved ones are their successes too; believes to understand all is to forgive all; believes a meaningful relationship is more important than a meaningful career; prefers to be the more selfless partner in a romantic relationship; believes romantic love should be unconditional; makes decisions based on what benefits the world most, not what benefits them or those close to them most; identifies with the line 'be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle'; believes a healthy romantic relationship involves equal interest from both parties; dislikes people who only do what's in their self interest; thinks relationships are more important than achievements; believes the welfare of people in the third world is as important as the welfare of people closest to them; often holds on to old objects or letters just for their sentimental value; believes love is salvation; have been devoted to most of the people I've dated; loves to cuddle; feminine; dislikes conflict; socialist; thinks romantic love is a feeling more than a choice; the most important thing for them is humility; thinks if you can't be totally honest with a significant other, it won't last

XXXID (unhealthy): sees themself as anxous, easily upset; if they feel bad in a relationship, they tend to think/feel it's their fault; when they are upset at a friend, it's not easy for them to tell the friend; have exaggeratedly negative beliefs about themself; has an internal critic inside me that constantly judges me; self conscious; with conflict resolution, they often ignore their feelings just to make the other person happy; avoids confrontation; always feels obligated to be nice; relates to wounded animals; in negotiations lets other people have a better deal than them; their friends take advantage of them; extremely passive when something bothers them; think that people can't always live their life in terms of what they want; tends to undersell themselves to others; gets nervous easily; often second guesses self; thinks they would be happy if their instincts were better; servant; worries a lot; has trouble not taking criticism personally; more likely to get depressed than angry, has trouble controlling and/or regulating their emotions; people-pleaser; has trouble making big decisions if they don't have strong feelings one way or the other; hard for them to make a decision if they don't know how they feel about it; constantly fear being taking advantage of; self conscious in a swim suit in public (pool, beach, etc.); has difficulty enduring even a mild degree of conflict with those close to me


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