MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): E.T., Wall-E, Russel Crowe (Gladiator), Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), Ryan Atwood (The OC), Liz Parker (Roswell), Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), Gene Hackman (French Connection), Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands), Mel Gibson (Mad Max)
Personality type correlations(s):
XOXIV (healthy): explorer; believes the world is like a giant factory (thus, we are all coworkers) and the well-being of every matters to them; lives each day like it's my last; protecting the environment (nature) is very important to them; genuine; believes anything is possible; energetic; likes to stay open to respond to whatever happens; believes there is nothing that is impossible to those who will try; can have an interesting conversation with anyone; open to change; wants to live the best way possible so they are constantly experimenting, making adjustments; always aware of what their gut/instincts want them to do; evaluates what is worth believing in and most important to who they really are inside; believes existence is fascinating; adaptable; thinks every day is a new adventure; flexible; has very good instincts; thinks there is nothing more important than living fully in the moment; believes no matter how bad life gets, they'll always fight through it; it's important for them to maintain positive feelings in those around them at all costs; when they are depressed, they like to help people; correcting injustice in the world is very important to them; loves to think up new ways of doing things

XOXIX (average health): if people were oppressed in a foreign country, they would want their country to do something about that; would risk their life for something that cared about lot; frequently sees things in the external environment that remind them of what really matters to them; finding meaning/purpose in their life is very important to them; wants to save themself and the world; sees both sides of everything, always; othercentric; their sense or wonder defines them; so moved by certain experiences (e.g. watching a beautiful sunset, listening to a favorite piece of music) that they feel emotions that are beyond words; feels highly connected to the universe; lives for the creation and appreciation of art/beauty; believes the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle the light in the darkness of mere being; understands people who think differently; believes truth is best determined internally; idealistic; believes what someone wants to be matters as much as who someone is; wants to always be better than who they were yesterday; good at picking up on the intentions of others; feels a oneness with nature; sees themself as open to new experience, complex; believes a healthy romantic relationship involves equal effort by both parties; nature lover; identifies with the line 'when you are wronged, consider the viewpoint of the wrongdoer, and feel sorry for mankind'; believes it's more important to be held in high regard by the people who you've been very close to than with the public; extremely intuitive; more likely to believe the knowledge of the history of the universe is encoded genetically in our minds; humorous; has strong intuition about other people

XOXID (unhealthy): thinks life is a mystery; relates to underdogs; feels they've always been broken; believes that if even one person in the world is not free, no one is; sympathizes with underdogs; sometimes stays open to new information so long they miss making decisions when they are needed; would be happy if they cared even less about money/power/image; believes that sometimes the best path for them is the most unpleasant, likes to be feminine (men); sometimes experienced by others as too idealistic, mushy, or indirect; over-thinker, desperately hoping to understand the existence of others


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