MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Julie Andrews (Sound of Music), Keanu Reeves (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), Duckie (Pretty In Pink), Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones's Diary)
Personality type correlations(s):
MOEIV (healthy): has a history of very close friendships; more likely to have had an out of body experience; content; positive; does dangerous things; able to describe their feelings easily; more likely to do anything for money; interested in others; polite; rarely worries; warms up quickly to others; likes children; warm; prone to copying others; thinks a lot about sex; feels life has meaning; feels they can tackle anything; good listener; likes happy people; usually happy; tolerant/accommodating; seldom worried about failing when trying something new; always ready to start fresh; relaxed; non-antagonistic; makes decisions quickly; does not like to be without the company of others; does crazy things; up for anything; affected by the suffering of others; challenges others; does not find it hard to forgive others; likes change; makes friends easily; more likely to be pro-choice; thinks they are an extraordinary person; enjoys being part of a group; not hard to get to know; jumps into things; bases goals in life on inspiration rather than logic; expresses themself easily; thinks things work out for the best; fashionable; have felt the presence of another person when he or she was not really there; will do anything for others; does what others want them to do; would enjoy a job with a lot of social interaction; enjoys offering directions to tourists; thinks that all will be well; easy to satisfy; never gives up hope; would rather be jobless than friendless; enjoys competing with others; is easily distracted when they are trying to focus their attention; is not easily made to feal jealous; has strong sexual urges; likes to make themself the center of attention; graceful; does not stick to the rules; not quiet around strangers; has a good word for everyone; interested in people; believes in things that have no scientific explanation

MOEIX (average health): values sensation over thought; bases their goals in life on inspiration rather than logic; more fearless than average; prone to insomnia; prone to dreaming about a rescuer; thinks a lot about sex; likes to make themself the center of attention; would consider adopting a handicapped child; does dangerous things; likes happy people; can keep people waiting; can be gullible; danger seeking; more likely to favor open romantic relationships; not picky about food; likes to be around others when feeling badly; disregards the rules; not good at returning things on time; goes too far with jokes; would enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; faces danger confidently; is affected by other people's happiness/unhappiness; seductive; more likely to have had supernatural experiences; likes to behave spontaneously; more likely to have had intense religious experiences; rebels against authority; has a good imagination; has good luck; resists society's rules; prefers going to movies to watching videos at home; challenges things; will sacrifice themself for others; is often puzzled by sensations in their body; does crazy things; prone to not paying attention to their needs; goes through money quickly; can be talked into doing things; plays tricks on others; finds it difficult to stay on one course; apologizes a lot; guided by superstitions; thinks they can talk their way out of anything; breaks rules; prone to letting themself be used; enjoys being around others; base their goals in life on inspiration rather than logic

MOEID (unhealthy): their moods carry them though life, acting as a track/foundation; thinks there is nothing better than discovering a new song they love; more likely to do anything for money; often late for work; danger seeking; more likely to be a smoker; more likely to be guided by superstitions; wasteful with money; lets others do the work; more likely to use lots of medications; more likely to scheme against others; have broken up with people they later tried to get back together with; bursts into tears; likes to make themself the center of attention; gets out of control; doesn't bother to make an effort; prone to telling tall stores about themself; sickly; agrees to things easily; prone to cheating on people; can be demanding; does dangerous things; afraid of many things; talks nonsense; jokes around less than others; finds it difficult to tell whether something really happened or whether it occurred only in their imagination; easily talked into doing silly things; does not like order; prone to trying to elicit sympathy be being tragic or morose; demands attention; neglects their duties; can't concentrate; feels that life has no meaning; blurts out whatever comes into their mind; lets themself be pushed around; easily influenced; frequently feels shame; thinks of things like developing cancer or catching a serious illness; has avoided situations or people for fear that they would get sick; acts as if they are somebody else; disregards rules; lives from one day to the next; does things in a half way manner; is often not in the mood for anything; open about themselves to others; will do anything for others; sometimes has murderous ideas; does not know what's going on inside them; worries; feels that they are unable to deal with things; spends a lot of time on the phone; is easily moved to tears; gets physically ill when things are not going well for them; often feels blue; superficial; frequently reinvents themself


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