MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
XCXWV (healthy): grounded in reality; did not get in trouble a lot in school; rarely feels guilty; has a bright outlook on the future; feels that life has meaning; likes happy people; the people they care the most about make them feel the most comfortable; content with their life, positive; not apprehensive about new encounters; does not feel that other people are out to get them; more likely to be pro-choice; unlikely to forget appointments; unlikely to have attacked someone physically; does not experience a lot of physical pain; feels comfortable with themself; has good luck; has a high opinion of themself; has a lot to say; not resigned to fate; has a lot of fun; values emotional comfort more than attractiveness/attraction in a long term romantic partner; unlikely to deceive people; does not seek danger; has good manners; unlikely to believe too much tax money goes to support artists; graceful; does not experience supernatural guidance; does not worry about unimportant things; able to describe their feelings easily; unlikely to hurt others; has a lot to contribute; finds it easy to describe how they feel about people; does not see danger everywhere; can put their ideas into practice; feels that work is an important part of life; does not dwell on the past; worries less than most; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; does not believe unfortunate events happen because of bad luck; likes looking at their body; does not daydream about people to maintain a sense of closeness; likes looking at themself in the mirror; knows what's going on inside them; does not expect things to fail; does not like to take orders; not the best long term memory; challenges things; likes to travel; unlikely to abuse people's confidences; not plain in appearance; does not keep others at a distance; does not get caught up in their problems; unlikely to act at the expense of others; does not wonder who they really are; does not let themself be directed by others; does not find fault with everything; has opinions of their own; unlikely to cheap on people who have trusted them; tries to figure themself out; does not hide their real intentions; considers their feelings when making a decision; pays attention to their own needs; looks at things from multiple angles; does not fear dying from a lingering or painful illness; spontaneous; feels comfortable around others; deeply moved by others misfortunes; does not feel crushed by setbacks; self controlled; does not get others to do their duties; does not let others make the decisions; undertakes things on their own; not out for their own personal gain; does not get suspicious when someone treats them nicely; makes decisions quickly; would not enjoy being a hermit; not prone to hating people; does not hang around doing nothing; lets things go; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; does not get angry easily; thinks they have a talent for influencing people; feels up to any task; motivated; gets along well with others; rarely late to things; their life has direction; usually happy; makes demands on others; does not like bizarre things; does not find it necessary to please people who have power; less likely than average to have read the great literary classics; does not let themself be used; does not hurry their work; feels comfortable around people

XCXWX (average health): less likely than average to smoke cigarettes; grounded in reality; unlikely to scheme against others; does not talk to a lot of different people at parties; not drawn to acting; unlikely to dream about a rescuer; spends less time on the phone than average; dislikes the unknown; not a good long term memory; likes to ponder over things; bothered by messy people; not prone to feeling guilty; not easily talked into doing silly things; prone to feeling that other people are to blame for their problems; does not seek danger; rarely late to things/work; does not like bizarre things; not passionate about bettering the world's condition; does not feel spiritually connected to other people; does not enjoy the thrill that comes with fearful situations; prone to doing things behind others backs; does not take time out for others; unlikely to consider adopting a handicapped child; would rather be friendless than jobless; loves order and regularity; does not frequently make fun of people

XCXWD (unhealthy): does not relate to other human beings; would not enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; would describe their experiences as somewhat dull; would not date someone that was very strange; rarely enjoys being with people; sometimes feels jealous of other people's situations; waits for others to lead the way; does not think that all will be well; feels that life has no meaning; does not readily overcome setbacks; does not start conversations; unlikely to consider adopting a handicapped child; not a huge fan of happy people; not super imaginative; worrier; prone to tell tall stories about themself; waits for others to lead the way; thinks less about decisions than average; jokes around less than others; worries about things that have already happened; not active; not full of energy; not the life of the party; rarely gets caught up in the excitement; lets others discourage them; likes concerts less than most; doesn't bother to make an effort; does not warm up quickly to others; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; does not sacrifice themself for others; does not do a lot in their spare time; can use others for their own ends; not helpful; does not think that all will be well; thinks they are not a special person; likes new foods less than most; does not seek danger; easily discouraged; not ready to act on the spot; more likely to believe that religion is foolish; thinks they are less capable than most people; fearful; not usually happy; not spontaneous; not content with their life, negative; does not enjoy the thrill that comes with fearful situations; not picky about food; more likely than average to talk mainly about themself; not really interested in others; has a low opinion of themself; easily frightened; unsympathetic; dislikes looking at their body; thinks they count on others too much; does not express their affection physically; does not feel spiritually connected to other people; does not share things with others; does not make friends easily; does not love life; spends less time on the phone than most; experiences panic spells; does not talk about their worries; dislikes the unknown; dislikes being around happy people when they are feeling sad; does not act comfortably with others; self absorbed; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; concerned about the possibility of failing when trying something new; doesn't know why they are angry; more likely than average to feel other people are to blame for their problems; feels a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness; easily frustrated or irritated; tires out quickly; does not feel other people's joy; does not take time out for others;


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