MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)
Personality type correlations(s):
MCXXV (healthy): not attracted to depressive types; safety conscious; relates to other human beings; likes happy people; less likely than average to smoke cigarettes; feels that life has meaning; interested in others; skilled in handling social situations; would not want to date someone who was really strange/odd; seldom feels blue; danger averse; capable; would hate to be considered odd or strange; values security, predictability; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; believes that people are good; easily made to feel jealous; unlikely to consider adopting a handicapped child; likes looking at themself in the mirror; not suspicious, trusting; less likely to ponder over things; does not like to be away from civilization; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; attentive to their own needs; unlikely to cheat to get ahead; rarely sick; consider themself good looking; polite; not hard to get to know; can act at the expense of others; controlled; knows why they do the things they do; able to deal with things; life has direction; affected by the suffering of others; more likely to follow the crowd; in good physical condition; does not like bizarre things; has a soft side; likes being complimented; confident; content with their life, positive; would not enjoy being a hermit; cares about the feelings of others; honest; usually happy; responsible; more likely to exercise every day; good manners; avoids doing dangerous things; can act as if they are somebody else and completely identify with the part; believes that others have good intentions; respects societies rules; hard to convince; hard to persuade; more likely to believe in god; starts conversations; fashionable; does not let themself be used; believes that they are important; not hard for them to stay in love; loves luxury; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; does things in a logical order; able to do things properly; does not disregard rules; behaves in a way that is acceptable to society; thinks things work out for the best; not easily frightened; tactful; thinks they are an extraordinary person; not prone to making enemies; notices small visual details; accomplishes a lot of work; attentive to their appearance; good at taking advice

MCXXX (average health): believes truth is defined by the group(s) they are a member of; believes that men should be masculine and women should be feminine; not interested in abstract ideas; believes that if no one agrees with you, you are probably wrong; more likely to use medications; would not want to go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe; tries to be with someone else when they are feeling badly; tends to dislike impulsive people; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; less likely to take the future into account; does not take control of things; tends to do what others do; doesn't waste their time; sticks to the rules; less likely to smoke cigarettes; would dislike being considered odd or strange; rarely late for things/work; less likely to get a tattoo; unlikely to make a high risk investment; tries to impress others; tires out quickly; tends to be mistake for being younger than their age; has a soft side; cares whether they are considered special; tends to not understand things; not picky about food; feels that life has meaning; thinks about the future; worries a lot when they develop a symptom that they've never had before; not a big fan of poetry; does not do dangerous things; likes security, predictability; does not like being away from civilization; thinks about how they feel; fashionable; not rebellious; tends to be open about themselves to others; does things by the book; likes happy people; avoids danger; can believe they are better than others; sympathizes with the homeless; tends to tell tall stories about themself; dislikes the unknown; cares what people think of them; maintains their spaces in an orderly way; can be superficial; prone to dreaming about a rescuer; enjoys being part of a group; easily intimidated; thinks a lot about sex; affected by the suffering of others; spends less time on the phone than average; traditional; seeks support; easily offended

MCXXD (unhealthy): thinks they can't make it on their own; tends to take what people say literally as they often don't pick up on subtext; potential for embarrassment prevents them from engaging in activities and taking personal risks; sticks with what they know because they are afraid of new things; skips difficult works while reading; less likely to smoke cigarettes; prone to talking during movies; not safety conscious; seldom wears colorful clothing; does not do a lot in their spare time; gets frustrated easily; talks nonsense; not a big fan of concerts; does not tell others what they really think; not a huge fan of happy people; lets others discourage them; excels at nothing or very little; tends not to challenge things; afraid of many things; more likely to use medications; fearful; more likely to follow the crowd; takes offense easily; has bad luck; counts on others too much; avoids blame when they are at fault; doesn't like to be away from civilization; cares what others think; avoids eye contact; undertakes few things on their own; lets themself be pushed around; prone to copying others; thinks they are not a special person; thinks of things like developing cancer or catching a serious illness; more likely to spend a lot of time on the phone; does what others want them to do; wants every detail taken care of; does not like working; lets themself be used; can be clingy, intrusive; lets themself be directed by others; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; easily discourage; would not like to be considered odd or strange; not open about themselves to others; can't put their ideas into practice; is unable to discuss their feelings easily; does not know their strengths; tries to please everyone; thinks they need protection; can feel that life has no meaning; easily intimidated; doesn't know why they are angry; dislikes the unknown; frequently feels shame; feels jealous of other people's situations; easily offended; wants everything to add up perfectly; has a low opinion of themself; not skilled in handling social situations; tends to do things in a half-way manner; feels that they are unable to deal with things; expects things to fail; lets themself be influenced by others; does not know what's going on inside them; tends to hold back their opinions; does not make decisions easily; wait for others to lead the way; easily frightened


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