MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s): Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Carl Jung
Fictional example(s): Axel Foley (Beverly Hills Cop), Chevy Chase (Fletch), Ace Ventura, Number Five (Short Circuit), Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride), Steve Martin (The Jerk), Peter Sellers (The Pink Panther), Kyle Valenti (Roswell), Dave (Breaking Away), George Bailey (It's A Wonderful Life), Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), Seth Coen (The OC), McLovin (Superbad), Jason Schwartzman (Bored to Death), Vincent Chase (Entourage)
Personality type correlations(s):
MOXIV (healthy): generates a lot of enthusiasm; likes performing and/or speaking in front of an audience; thinks they can get pretty much anyone to like them romantically; thinks enjoying being alive is more important than being logical; has an infectious smile; often gets very excited; thinks you can never be too optimistic; optimism is their oxygen; has an intense need to live the best life the can; is full of energy; is excited about life; radiates joy; can always see how they relate/connect to others; is energized by other people; dreamer and making tomorrow better is always on their mind; really good at bringing together different personalities

MOXIX (average health): likes being part of a subculture; thinks intensity of feelings is the most important variable in choosing a romantic partner; thinks they can read minds to some degree; their main motivation is to do whatever it takes to be loved unconditionally; looks for signs; believes in a collective unconscious / thinks an underlying consciousness and intelligence connects everyone; tends to think of themself in terms of how they relate to the world; attempts to make the outer world more like their inner self; pleasure seeking / tries to maximize pleasure; finds it rewarding to let their feelings guide them in life; gets their energy from outside ideas; finds it rewarding to only put themself in environments that affirm their values; thinks people are like tv shows and if you like them you want to watch their show and see how it turns out; thinks they can feel when a romantic interest is no longer interested even if they are not in their presence; wants to be in a romantic relationship with someone they think is awesome; frequently assesses other people's emotional states by watching their behavior; gets off on being really into someone; likes assertive romantic partners; can quickly discern early in a relationship what's important to whoever they like and become that; thinks a life without meaning has no value; is constantly moving towards that sense of intense stimulation in their relationships; is extremely sensual

MOXID (unhealthy): is very sensitive to environmental circumstances; their awareness could best be described as a stream of feelings; is preoccupied with finding their value in the world; thinks that with positive attention and thinking you can attract everything to your life that you want; tends to over think things; has had crushes that were so intense that they were painful; worries that no one will understand the depths of their heart; has gone through a lot of phases; wonders a lot about their fate and their destiny; their natural mode is to be ingratiating; tend to be self destructive; they trust impressions; symbols and metaphors more than what they actually experience; hard-wired to feel love, hate, and everything in between more intensely; experiences the extreme ends of all emotions; thinks that close intimate contact fills the emotional emptiness inside of them


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