MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
XXEXV (healthy): not prone to hating people; content with their life, positive; likes to travel; feels that life has meaning; not prone to feeling guilty; excels at things; likes happy people; feels they are able to deal with things; has good manners; likes to be envied by others; if they are angry they know why; has a bright outlook on the future; worries less than average; not a fan of poetry; does not dwell on the past; does not feel that other people are out to get me; doesn't worry about things that have already happened; finds that it takes them a lot to make them feel frustrated or irritated; has a lot to contribute; likes taking responsibility for making decisions; expresses their affection physically; comfortable with themself; does not believe people are essentially evil; relates to other human beings; would not enjoy being a hermit; does not hold a grudge; does not experience a lot of physical pain; not prone to panic; unlikely to have gotten in a lot of trouble at school; unlikely to abuse people's confidences; not deceptive; does not let themself be used; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; enjoys teamwork; the people they care about the most often make them feel comfortable; unlikely to hurt people; has good luck; does not enjoy being thought of as a normal mainstream person; thinks a lot about their decisions; less likely to have attacked someone physically; looks at things from multiple angles; does not expect things to fail; less likely to be on medication; does not count on others too much; expresses themself easily; does not see difficulties everywhere; loves life; not easily disturbed; does not frequently feel shame; good at maintaining a a peaceful, comfortable environment; does not feel guilty when they say no; not bothered by difficult social situations; not avoidant; knows what's going on inside them; never gives up hope; doesn't lose their head; dos not have frightening dreams; makes friends easily; does not do things behind other people's backs; does not get physically ill when things are not going well for them; does not tire out quickly; values emotional comfort more than attractiveness in romantic partners; skilled in handling social situations; does not get out of control; has a good sense of humor; enjoys themself while with others; unlikely to cheat on people who have trusted them; usually happy; has a lot of fun; capable; does not forget appointments

XXEXX (average health): does not value security; dislikes routine; less likely to analyze the reasons for their actions; more likely than average to have experienced supernatural guidance; worries about things that have already happened; doesn't consider themself attractive; not prone to feeling guilty; more likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; less likely to have enjoyed school; has a good sense of humor; less likely to have cheated on someone that trusted them; less likely to have been an overachiever growing up; not a big reader; more likely than average to have been in physical fights; likes happy people; misses things they should notice; unlikely to put down others proposals; does not love order and regularity; puts less time and effort into their work than others; more likely to be afraid that their life will be cut short by illness; less likely to be well off financially; not a planner; prone to doing things in half way manner; can be easily talked into doing silly things; easily distracted when they are trying to focus their attention; does not do a lot in their spare time

XXEXD (unhealthy): finds it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time; more scatterbrained than prepared; doesn't ever want to grow up; doesn't want to have adult responsibilities; easily distracted; lazy, disorganized, careless; has only a very vague life plan; as far as their life trajectory they are more of short term thinker than a long term thinker; thinks the future is always uncertain; says things without thinking; finds it difficult to get down to work; doesn't have trust in their own judgement; can't control their cravings; rarely notices their emotional reactions; thinks they have little to contribute; puts little time and effort into their work; doesn't understand things; more likely to be late to things/work; can burst into tears; prone to feeling guilty; thinks they are unable to do things properly; prone to feeling life has no meaning; avoids responsibilities; dislikes routine; feels they are unable to deal with things; excels at nothing or very little; more likely than average to smoke cigarettes; more likely than average to cheat on people who have trusted them; prone to looking at things from only one perspective; dislikes working; thinks that they are not a special person; more likely than average to be on medication; prone to not making an effort; rarely gets caught up in the excitement; often feels blue; does things in a half way manner; gets upset when others notice how they look; can't keep to the subject; discontent with their life, negative; does not think all will be well; experiences longer periods of sadness or depression than other people seem to; does not make decisions easily; the people they care the most about often make them feel uncomfortable; does not know what they want; prone to giving up; does not pay their bills on time; more likely than average to scheme against others; wastes their time; does not do a lot in their spare time; lacks a talent for influencing people; feels a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness; their life lacks direction; makes rash decisions; makes a mess of things; does not maintain their spaces in an orderly way; counts on others too much; has a low opinion of themself; lets themself be influenced by others; rebels against authority; worries about things that have already happened; has little to say


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