MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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these descriptions are still under development so check back periodically


Historic example(s): Albert Einstein, Steve Wozniak
Fictional example(s): Matthew Broderick (War Games), Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
Personality type correlations(s): R-Drive Stoicism
XOTXV (healthy): can easily put aside their feelings when they need to; spends a lot of time developing/practicing their talents/interests; has a life plan; handles tasks smoothly; more future oriented than past oriented; addicted to learning new things; has a very particular standard for the quality of their work; more than anything else is forward looking; decisive; pursuing a long term life plan makes sense to them; sees flaws/weaknesses as opportunities for fixes/improvements; loves to brainstorm; does things efficiently; has an ever evolving life plan; comes up with good solutions; confident in their work; has a good idea of what their life will be like in ten years; as long as they still want something, they will keep trying different things until they succeed; doesn't stay in friendship if it makes them unhappy; fixes their own problems; excels in what they do; believes the world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved; believes people have to be responsible for their own actions; rarely experiences fear or nervousness, even if something bad is about to happen to them; believes that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood; knows how to be happy on their own; finds living their life / being alive rewarding; likes to be challenged by others; has a lot of will power; controls their life, almost every aspect of it; freedom of action and thought is very important to them; has a very strong sense of their own desires; stubbornly true to themself; very loyal to themself; more calm than worrying; remains calm under pressure; self motivated

XOTXX (average health): loves to examine the unusual; obsessed with inventing systems; lives their life based on a specific system that they created; ingenious, deep thinker; thinks a lot about data; believes you only begin to figure out who you are when you develop an advanced interest-in / understanding-of something; has a lot of theories; comes straight to the point; has an eye for detail; gets a head start on others; believes they are not their feelings; can be rigid about what they believe to be true; finds analytical living rewarding; often attacks complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically; prefers to maintain a neutral emotional state; believes that nothing is more important than critical thinking; quick to percieve similarities, differences, and anomalies; seeks out the patterns of the universe; more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else; complex; is interested in architecture; tries to examine themself objectively; defined by their ideas; quick to spot inconsistencies; thinks it's important to question everything, even question why you question everything; believes it is important to become aware of how your nervous system perceives reality; operates by a theoretical+experimental understanding of themself that they are constantly updating/altering; the only rules they buy into are the physical laws of the universe; thrives on problem solving; believes one should always be willing to carry on discussion in the opponents terminology; thinks happiness is about self improvement not ascending the social hierarchy; thinker; believes life is a puzzle that they will figure out; highly theoretical; endlessly interested in knowing how things work in order that they can keep them working (and survive with/within them); braniac; enjoys fine-tuning a definition or concept to support a theory, perspective, or framework; frequently attempts to conceive the future, possible contingencies, and significance of things; concerned with investigating truth not with questions of personal prestige; building mental maps of things appeals to them; discovers patterns that make the future more predictable; intellectual; frequently looks at past and current concrete situations and data; finds theoretical physics interesting; when it comes to romantic attraction, captivating their mind is more important than captivating their heart; notices whether the details in front of them match what they are accustomed to; believes there is nothing more important than being intellectual; loves to read challenging material, will try everything when trying to figure something out; enjoys looking at a ton of data and finding a pattern

XOTXD (unhealthy): lives inside their head; more likely to think civilizations usually don't last (i.e. they collapse, go extinct); likes things they can do on their own; have taught themself to stuff and disconnect from their feelings; dislikes small talk but enjoys talking in depth about topics that matter to them; wants a job where the their skill set matters not their ability to navigate the social architecture; believes you can't expect people to reveal (or be open about) who they really are; finds pleasure in isolation; often feels like they are being tested; enjoys work which allows them to dive in with few interruptions; acts as if driven by a motor; people tell them that they are distant; would prefer a job where they worked alone; prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities; enjoys solitude; has a passion for being alone; thinks anything short of brutal honesty in a person is a let down; believes that pessimism is as important as optimism; thinks they do their best work alone; has been told by people that they are stiff


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