MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Historic example(s):
Fictional example(s): Max Evans (Roswell), Sheriff Valenti (Roswell)
Personality type correlations(s):
XXTIV (healthy): is a reliable worker; behaves properly; tends to think before they speak; does the right things; is propelled internally, on an instinctual level, to be hard working, detail oriented; thinks a fair amount about their long-term life goals; takes really good care of things they own; believes in being accountable; feels an obligation to give back as much from life as they have received; is good at finding things; more likely to have parents that are an important part of who they have become; thinks that knowing who you are = knowing what makes you happy; safety conscious; more likely to have had an intense religious experience; content with their life, positive; feels that life has meaning; egalitarian/non-prejudiced; enjoys teamwork; likes working; when they are angry they know why; thinks about their decisions; feels comfortable around people; does not neglect their duties; able to relate to other human beings; attentive, able to pay attention; unlikely to cheat to get ahead; excels at things; does not avoid responsibilities; more likely to be anti abortion; makes an effort; usually works on improving things instead of getting frustrated when everything seems to be going wrong; knows what they want; feels they are able to deal with things; enjoyed/enjoys school; likes happy people; likes to get a head start on others; unlikely to cheat on people who have trusted them; usually happy; unlikely to make enemies; grounded in reality; knows someone who is absolutely fair and just; does not let themself be used; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; not avoidant; their life has direction; unlikely to smoke cigarettes; accomplishes their work on time; rarely late to things/work; has good manners; does a lot in their spare time; does not waste their time; does not rebel against authority; doesn't lose their head; motivated; has a lot to contribute; does not abuse people's confidences; accomplishes a lot of work; good with money; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; has a lot of fun; capable; does not expect things to fail; does not often feel shame; expresses themself easily; does not like bizarre things; likes taking responsibility for making decisions; has a bright outlook on the future; knows why they do things; does not hurt people; not deceptive; believes that they are important; fulfills their duties without complaining; less likely to be on medication; graceful; thinks about the future; considers themself attractive; has a soft side; feels up to any task; does not resist society's rules; makes plans and sticks to them; thinks things work out for the best; interested in others; does not feel that other people are out to get them; likes routine; aware of what's happening; good at taking advice; always busy; puts work above pleasure; loves life; feels comfortable with themself; does not keep people waiting; always know what they are doing; does not do things in a half-way manner; does not let themself be influenced by others; knows what they want; will do anything for others; sees things through; not easily distracted when they are trying to focus their attention; not easily made to feel jealous; enjoys being thought of as a normal mainstream person; cares about the feelings of others; does not embarrass others; rarely loses things; analyzes the reasons for their actions; returns things on time; cares about dressing nicely; does not hold a grudge; does not dwell on the past; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; feels that work is an important part of their life; understands things; feels other people's joy; less likely to have been in physical fights; gets started quickly when they have work to do; knows what's going on inside me; unlikely to scheme against others; does not get annoyed at the slightest provocation; does not believe that unfortunate events occur because of bad luck; does not hang around doing nothing; not prone to saying inappropriate things

XXTIX (average health): serious people; when faced with a decision involving moral matters, they often ask themself 'am I doing the right thing?'; feels bad about themself after telling a lie; makes decisions extremely carefully; extremely loyal; keeps their promises; feels guilty if they violate their own internally devised standards; chemistry matters to them in a romantic relationship but a situation making rational sense is more important; prefer to think out what they say in advance; tends to think first before they share their ideas; believes that telling the truth is more important than being tactful; security is important to them; makes decision with their head and wants to be fair; is concerned with harmony and is nervous when it is missing; their behavior and decisions are generally calculated to maxmize their safety/security regardless of whether that makes them likeable to others; work very long hours, even if their job/gig doesn't require it; lives by a strict code of ethics and strives for a world where others do the same; justice is very important to them; believes there is a logical answer for everything; thinks the definition of a good agreement is one benefits me and the other party equally; people tell them that they are a good listener; learns best by experience; more likely to only want to live on an area with low crime; tends to take precautions; very detail oriented;

XXTID (unhealthy): people describe them as soft spoken and mellow; more likely to be on medication; never challenges things; lets themself be directed by others; more likely to have had an intense religious experience; lets themself be used; lacks the talent for influencing people; lets themself be influenced by others; does not want to be too successful because they they won't know if people really love them; tries to elicit sympathy be being tragic or morose; feels that life has no meaning; does not make demands on others; pays no attention to their own needs; worrier; not graceful; finds it difficult to tell whether something just happened or whether it occurred in their imagination; not in the mood for anything; afraid that their life will be cut short by illness; will do anything for others; has a dark outlook on the future; maintains their spaces in an orderly way often feels blues; cares about the needs of others; bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers; puts work above pleasure; often feels guilty; considers themself attractive; willing to take orders; more likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; has a feeling of being directed or controlled from outside; makes decisions quickly; lets themself be pushed around; lets people pull their leg; dislikes the unknown; does not like having authority over others; experiences panic spells; does not feel comfortable with themself; does not live a life of luxury; dislikes being complimented; has felt the presence of another person when he or she was not really there; feels a sense of worthlessness or hopelessness; is a perfectionist and spends an extensive amount of time making sure things are done right; does things by the book; have frightening dreams; worries about things that have already happened; likes order; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; experiences longer periods of sadness or depression than other people seem to; honors all the vows they have made; if they were attracted to someone but thought they would be happier with someone else they new they would hook them up; plain in appearance; afraid of many things; would rather be with someone they liked (but not loved) than be alone long term; easily intimidated; often busy; does not express themself easily; does not enjoy being part of a group; feels that other people are out to get them; wants every detail taken care of; suffers from others sorrows; thinks less about sex than average; can burst into tears; apologizes a lot; feels like they are falling apart; tries to please everyone; frequently feels shame; accomplishes their work on time; avoids eye contact; prone to not understanding things; often stops to analyze how they are feeling; gets angry easily; very detail oriented; prone to insomnia; gets started quickly when they have work to do; enjoys/enjoyed school; easily disturbed; prone to backing out at the last moment; looks for something to hold on to; thinks they are not a special person; loves to help others; puts other peoples welfare/feelings first; often worries about things that turn out to be unimportant


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