MOTIV Personality Type Descriptions

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Personality type correlations(s):
XXXWV (healthy): content with their life, positive; able to do things properly; cares about dressing nicely; good with money; good attention span; does not feel guilty very often; likes working; worries less than average; thinks things work out for the best; not resigned to their fate; knows what they want; has a lot to contribute; capable; likes being complimented; does not feel guilty when they say no; does not suffer from others sorrows; pays attention to their own needs; feels that life has meaning; feels comfortable with themself; likes happy people; does not avoid responsibilities; considers themself attractive; not afraid they will do the wrong thing; egalitarian/non-prejudiced; looks at things from multiple perspectives; does not expect things to fail; does not often feel shame; not guided by superstitions; not easily frightened; grounded in reality; challenges things; would enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; not filled with doubt; feels they are able to deal with things; confident; has a bright outlook on the future; does not let themself be used; can put their ideas into practice; good at concentrating; good sense of humor; their life has direction; does not make enemies; does not get physically ill when things are not going well for them; does a lot in their spare time; knows where there life is going; dislikes routine; more selfish than selfless; does not dwell on the past; sees things through; always knows why they do things; more likely to have as much money as they need; loves life; not avoidant; not hard for them to stay in love; thinks they are a special person; does not let themself be directed by others; relates to other human beings; discloses their intimate thoughts; usually works on improving things, instead of getting frustrated; when everything seems to be going wrong; can accept criticism without getting upset; respects people with strong ties to organizations, groups, family; not easily influenced; likes work; has good luck; does not let others make the decisions; usually happy; does not count on others too much; not easy to fool; feels up to any task; not easily deterred; considers themself good looking; does not like to take orders; less likely to believe that too much tax money goes to support artists; does not let themself be influenced by others

XXXWX (average health): prefers not to help others; thinks their romantic partner's problems are their partner's problems not theirs; is against giving money to beggars, avoids being vulnerable; unaware of what's happening; relaxed most of the time; likes to travel; not guided by their moods; does not avoid responsibilities; not easily intimidated; does not like asking for favors; always admits it when they make a mistake; more likely to have attacked someone physically; does things by the book; easily talked into doing silly things; puts their feelings/welfare first even in a long term relationship; indifferent to the feelings of others; does not get along well with others; thinks they understand things; not bothered by difficult social situations; does not like to take orders; less affected by the suffering of others than average; considers themself attractive; thinks they have a lot to contribute; feels up to any task; does not let themself be used; less likely than average to regret their behavior if they took advantage of someone impulsively; less likely than average to splurge; not a good judge of character; more likely to be pro choice; has a lot to say; not good at hiding their intentions from others; has less of a soft side than average; does not find examination of their feelings useful in solving personal problems; doesn't try to figure themself out; does not usually try to get back together with anyone they've ended things with; does not disclose their intimate thoughts; more likely to avoid philosophical discussions; likes routine; likes being away from civilization; knows what's going on inside them; likes competing with others; would rather be friendless than jobless; doesn't tend to worry about things that already happened; does not do things in a logical order; more likely than average to have gotten in trouble in school; can lose their head; not prone to apologizing a lot; not wasteful with money; not able to describe their feelings easily; able to stand up for themself; does not frequently feel shame; thinks its possible that existence is meaningless; follows through on their commitments

XXXWD (unhealthy): just never feels emotions; starts quarrels with others; anything emotional just serves to irritate them; cold; more cynical than trusting; their emotional expressions tend to be flat; not generally a supportive person; doesn't feel bad for the people they have hurt; unable to connect with others emotionally; find caring about, helping others unrewarding; is never happier than when they are by themself; dislikes helping others; enjoys hurting others; thinks not having emotions simplifies their life; finds having little to no responsibilities rewarding; doesn't understand ethnic pride; tries to avoid giving friends advice; think art museums contain art that's no longer relevant, that no longer matters; avoids situations in which friends are needed; doesn't like helping unhelpful people; prone to hating people; less likely to be egalitarian/non-prejudiced than average; not a huge fan of happy people; does not like to be bothered with other people's needs; gives up hope; more likely than average to value attractiveness over comfort in a romantic partner; more likely than average to scheme against others; puts down others proposals; more likely than average to abuse people's confidences; puts people under pressure; finds it difficult to tell whether something happened or whether it occurred in their imagination; doesn't bother to make an effort; feels that other people are often to blame for their problems; more likely to turn ugly when they drink too much; more likely to have bad manners; can't put their ideas into practice; likes concerts less than average; doesn't usually enjoy listening to people tell stories about events that have happened in their lives; plays tricks on others; can do without the company of others; puts their feelings/welfare first even in a long term romantic relationship; does not make friends easily; would not enjoy a job that involved a lot of social interaction; does not take a lot to make them frustrated or irritated; not skilled in handling social situations; not wasteful with money; has a dark outlook on the future; not open about themself to others; often feels blue; reveals little about themself; more likely to believe that religion is foolish; more likely to believe that too much tax money goes to support artists; does not feel spiritually connected to others; does not share things with others; less likely to be bothered if they never had kids; avoids responsibilities; more likely to cheat on people who have trusted them; does not warm up quickly to others; dislikes being complimented; would describe their experiences as somewhat dull; more likely than average to have gotten in trouble in school; does not try to forgive and forget; thinks they are not a special person; avoids contacts with others; more likely to deceive people; more likely than average to believe that people are essentially evil; does not think that all will be well; dislikes looking at themself in the mirror; doesn't know whats going on inside me; does not relate to other human beings; does not try to please everyone; avoids eye contact; does not act comfortably with others; admires a really clever scam; feels that friendly people are actually trying to manipulate them; does not feel comfortable around people; does not get along well with others; does not treat all people equally; neglects their duties; gets physically ill when things aren't going well for them; lets themself be pushed around; feels they are unable to deal with things; thinks it's possible that existence is meaningless; not a fan of children; prone to backing out at the last moment


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